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Product reliability B10d

Reliability of the pneumatic components used in safety systems B10d values to use in application of EN ISO 13849-1 Reference: ISO 19973 - Pneumatic Fluid Power - Assessment of component reliability by testing


B10d  is the number of cycles until 10% of the components fail dangerously.


In pneumatic, mechanical and electromechanical technology, the life and reliability of components generally depends on wear linked to movements. Their life is also strongly affected by the working conditions, especially the following:

  • Compressed air quality and conditions
  • Lubricant compatibility with gaskets
  • Temperature
  • Environmental factors as such dust, gas and fluids.

​It is vital for the component manufacturer's requirements to be complied with, otherwise the failure parameters are not valid. Product operating conditions are shown in Metal Work's General Catalogue.

Unless specified otherwise in the catalogue, compressed air must be class 3-4-3, in accordance with ISO 8573-1.


ISO15552 cylinders, round cylinders, series RNDC, polyurethane gaskets 30.000 km
corresponding to 75x106 cycles with a reference stroke of 200mm
ISO 15552 cylinders, round cylinders, series RNDC, low-temperature NBR and FKM gaskets 15.000 km
corresponding to 37x106 cycles with an average stroke of 200mm
ISO6432 cylinders, SSC cylinders, compact cylinders, liner cylinders, stopper cylinders, polyurethane gaskets 60x106 cycles
ISO6432 cylinders, SSC cylinders, compact cylinders, liner cylinders, compact guided cylinders, low-temperature NBR and FKM gaskets  30x106 cycles
Flat Two cylinders 15 x106 cycles
Rodless cylinders 10.000 km
corresponding to 25x106 cycles with a reference stroke of 200mm
Hydraulic brakes, series BKK, integrated hydraulic brake 5 x106 cycles
Other standard cylinders in the catalogue Greater than or equal to 15 x106 cycles
Grippers series P1, P2, P3, P4, P7, P8, P9, P10, P11, GPLK 5 x106 cycles
Rotary actuators series R1, series R2, series R3, series R5, DAPK 10 x106 cycles
Slides series S10, series S11, series S12, series S13, series S14 10 x106 cycles
Guide units series GDH, series GDM, series GDS 15 x106 cycles
LEPK linear unit 15 x106 cycles
Electrical cylinders and electrical axis it's depends on the application
Mechanical valves: series VME, series 70 MEV 2 x106 cycles
Manually-operated valves: series 70 MAV, series PEV pedal-operated, two-handed safety operation 1 x106 cycles
Pneumatic valves: series 70 PNV, series Mach 16 MPV, series Mach 11 MPV, series NAMUR, series ISO5599 IPV, series Mach 18 MPV 50 x106 cycles
Solenoid valves: series 70 SOV, series NAMUR, series PLT-10, series PIV.M, series PIV on base and in line, Cnomo, series Minimach, series Mach 11 MSV, series Mach 16 MSV, series Mach 18 MSV, series ISO5599 ISV, series 70 Safe air, series ISO5599 Safe air, series EB80, series HDM, series CM, series Multimach, series SOV-L 50 x106 cycles
Field bus (electronic only, without valves): All the interface expected for EB 80, all the interface expected for HDM, all the interface expected for CM, all the interface expected for Multimach.
EB80 and CM mangement modules of input and output, digital and analogical.
100 x106 cycles
The working life is calculated as the number of opening/closing cycles for valves and regulators, and the number of downstream pressure changes from 6.3 to 0 bar for the other components. Filters, filter-purifiers, driers: series Syntesi, Bit, Skillair, New Deal, ONE Infinite
Regulators and filters-regulators: Series Syntesi, Bit, Skillair,New Deal, ONE, GS, Regtronic, RML, RMC, RMS 10 x106 cycles
Lubricators: Series Syntesi, Skillair, Bit, New Deal 50 x106 cycles
V3V circuit shutoff valves: series Syntesi, Skillair, New Deal, ONE 10 x106 cycles
Progressive starters, APR: Series Syntesi, Skillair, ONE, VAP 10 x106 cycles
Pressure switches series PS, series 600, series 640 5 x106 cycles
MRF and RFL 50 x106 cycles
VSR 50 x106 cycles
VNR 50 x106 cycles
STP 50 x106 cycles
VCS 50 x106 cycles
VOR 50 x106 cycles
Pneumatic logic 50 x106 cycles