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QIC - Windows on Calvino

Queriniana library - Brescia

The QIC - Windows on Calvino project is held at the Queriniana Library in Brescia from 7 October to 18 November 2023. This art exhibition is a special tribute to Italo Calvino on the centenary of his birth.

The artists Fabio Bix and Monica Carrera aim to celebrate the literary heritage of Calvino through a unique fusion of words, art and environment.

Selected Books: "Difficult Loves" and "The Baron in the Trees"

The talented artists Fabio Bix and Monica Carrera have carefully chosen these Calvino masterpieces as a source of inspiration to create works strategically placed within the Queriniana Library. The windows become doorways to fragments of the Calvino universe, inviting everyone to explore Calvino's world through the eyes of the artists.

Exploring Bix's Calvino:

For Fabio Bix, Calvino is an endless source of sophisticated wordplay. Through graphic works positioned in the blind windows of the entrance facade, Bix pays tribute to Calvino's lightness in a unique way, inviting the audience to delve into the nuances of his words.

The Complex Relationship between Nature and Culture with Carrera:

Monica Carrera, on the other hand, engages with the eighteenth-century reading rooms, reflecting on the complex relationship between nature and culture, forests and books. Her works, interwoven with the surrounding environment, create a unique dialogue between Calvino's literary works and the historical context of the library.

Queriniana Library: Symbolically Perfect Venue

In 2023, when Brescia is called to be the capital of culture alongside Bergamo, the Queriniana Library is the symbolically perfect venue for this tribute to Italo Calvino. A unique opportunity to explore literature through art in one of the city's most magnificent buildings.