Branschvinnare 2023 50 anni, 1967 - 2017

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Sixth International Conference on Universal Design

University of Brescia

The UD2022 conference is co-organized by University of Brescia, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and University of Trieste, Italy. 

This sixth conference in a series of major biennial international conferences on Universal Design: UD2012 (Oslo), UD2014 (Lund), UD2016 (York), UDHEIT2018 (Dublin), UD2021 (Helsinki) is the first one to be organized in southern Europe.

The conference is targeted at professionals and academics interested in the theme of Universal Design related to the built environment and users' wellbeing. The themes cover also mobility and urban environments, knowledge, and information transfer. The conference provides research knowledge and best practices from all over the world.