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Restoration of Broletto Fountain


The Broletto Fountain, in the centre of the homonymous palace, is a wonderful eighteenth century work in Botticino marble.

The exterior of the tank shows a chiselled shield and the date of 1718, engraved both on the left and on the right of the shield, probably referred to the inauguration. It is certain that the fountain has taken the place of another fountain, "beautiful", as reported by the Venetian chronicler Marin Sanudo in 1483, of which unfortunately nothing is known.    It is composed of a poly-lobed tank with a central base that holds the upper basin. Over time the fountain has undergone various maintenance operations, which are still very evident due to the stone additions and the insertion of iron clamps.

The restoration intervention, masterfully conducted by the team of Professor Luciano Formica, provided for the removal of the additions, the passivation of the iron and the integration with new seals