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From Dürer to Rembrandt to Morandi


It is not easy to find in Italy such a wealth as that which shines in the rooms of Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery in Brescia.

Next to the masterpieces of painting, an equally rich and important heritage of engravings and drawings owned by the Civic Museums of Art and History of Brescia. It is a large collection of prints, often extraordinary in rarity and quality, due largely to the most famous exponents of the various European schools.

A path has been prepared which, through more than fifty works, witnesses all historical moments: the German fifteenth century with authors such as Schongauer, Dürer, the engravings of the Italian sixteenth century, the Flemish and Dutch school, the etchings of authors of the French seventeenth century, the Venetian masters of the eighteenth century, the nineteenth-century specimens, up to the twentieth century with sheets of Morandi and Carrà.