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AMERICA! Stories of painting from the New World


America! Stories of painting from the New World intends to constitute rigorous exploration of a myth of long ancestry and still intact today, told with almost 400 masterpieces of American art from the main overseas museums.

The visitor can approach the American art masterpieces, from a landscape with classical connotations to those related to the discovery of large areas of unspoiled nature. 
Dedicated to the Hudson River School, in one of the sections it is possible to admire works by Church, Bierstadt, Heade, Hugh, Lane, Gifford, Kensett, Inness and others, whose paintings enclose landscapes as events, depict a nature that is never an abstract or fabulous entity, but a concrete, powerful, reassuring presence. Artists united in the intent to represent the vastness of the new world with refined, suggestive brightness, in the thunderous, earthy liquidity of the Niagara falls, or among the boundless meadows furrowed by herds of angry bisons and crossed by lone cowboys.

In the following sections, the American authors measure themselves with their "trip to Italy", unprecedented visions and reminiscences of a Grand Tour with consolidated roots.
In conclusion, a large exhibition dedicated to "American Impressionism", closely linked to the French one, with works by Cassatt, Robinson, Homer, Sargent and others, unmistakable identity symbols of the culture of the US, and his creative and irreplaceable relationship to the world scene.