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Compatibility and materials

Focus on compatibility.

Compressed air components include seals made of elastomer, such as NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), polyurethane and FKM/FPM (fluorocarbon).
It is important for them not to come into contact with incompatible substances, which could cause swelling or cracking and lead to malfunctions.
It is necessary to verify compatibility with the following, in particular:

  • oil used in the air compressor
  • oil used in the lubricator, if any
  • cutting oils or fluids used with the machine, which may get into the cylinder and reach the valves.

We have drawn up a compatibility table for a certain number of chemicals, elastomers and also Hostaforms, the technopolymer most widely used in our products.

The website of Parker Pradifa, one of our main seal suppliers, contains an interactive compatibility table. Log on to

Below is a list of some of the oils that are undoubtedly compatible with all the elastomers used in our products:

  • lubricating oil: UNI and ISO FD 22 (Energol HPL, Spinesso, Mobil DTE, Tellus Oil)
  • oil for low-pressure compressors: SHELL CORENA OIL D 46
  • oil for high-pressure compressors: SHELL RIMULA X OIL 40.

Metal Work can provide you with any further details you may require and is also willing to conduct research and tests.