Metal Work

Used to power a wireless receiver-transmitter node

Used to power the PLC of a portable automation unit (an electric logic machine instead of a machine using pneumatic logic can be created, without the need for a power cable).

Compressed-air battery.

Pneumatic devices with nozzles or spray guns requiring a power supply.

Passing through a potentially explosive environment without the need for power cables.

No need to lay extra-long cables to reach remote utilities or complex installations (e.g. refineries)

Emergency light (with 2/2 NO solenoid valve and compressed-air tank).

Activation of a display or lights on a small pneumatic-manual machine.

Acoustic or optical alarm for a pneumatic device.

Power supply for a rotating device, replacing the normal brushes for electrical contact (which are subject to wear) with a pneumatic rotating joint.

Power supply generation for the gripper of an anthropomorphic robot, eliminating wiring.