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Following implementation of the UNI EN ISO 9901 Quality System, Metal Work S.p.A. has decided voluntary to undertake a new project: the creation of Occupational Safety and Health and Environment Management Systems in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which cover a series of requirements the company must comply with as proof of its firm commitment to safeguarding the environment and health and safety in the workplace.

Our company has always placed great emphasis on the matter of health and safety in the workplace and now, by putting in place management systems and obtaining approval, we intend to give visibility to our commitment.

Management will therefore continue to implement all the measures required to guarantee correct management of all current and future company processes in terms of environmental compatibility that affect the workers� health and safety. This translates into the following strategic steps:

a. ongoing compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
b. continuous research aimed at reducing emissions and waste;
c. continuous research aimed at reducing consumption (water, energy and raw materials);
d. study and implementation of technological processes that guarantee less environmental impact;
e. constant assessment of environmental issues associated with production, and the adoption of systems capable of guaranteeing adequate protection of the environment;
f. continuous research aimed at reducing all negative phenomena associated with occupational health and safety;
g. constant assessment of all issues associated with occupational health and safety;
h. ongoing research to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace;
i. regular training of all employees to encourage actions aimed at safeguarding the environment and promoting a culture of health and safety in the workplace.

All these measures clearly reflect the Metal Work�s firm commitment, and also that of the entire workforce, which is called upon to contribute, for their areas of competence, to the implementation of the health, safety and environment management plans that are drawn up periodically. These plans will detail the specific targets to achieve, and indicate the activation methods, times and responsibilities.

The goal the Management has set itself, once it has obtained approval of its Health and Safety and Environment Management Systems, is to ensure that they continue to comply with UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and to improve them continuously.

Concesio, 22th April 2008

The General Management


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