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Improvement scheduled for 2014

  • Purchase of personnel management software
    At present, all health and safety records (e.g. medical examinations, employees, training, work tools, job descriptions and procedures) are filed using Excel or Word. The use of a dedicated programme will allow all the data and time schedules for the various inspections to be handled more easily and more accurately. It will also be possible to retrieve information quickly.
  • Installation fall-protection systems on the roofs
    Up until now temporary safety systems have always been used, with difficulty, when carrying out work or maintenance on roofs. Fixed structures will now be installed on the roofs to allow personnel to work in safety.
  • New compressor system
    The current compressor system requires a new central control unit and the drier is quite old, with high pressure load losses (approx. 0.7 bar).

    The work will take place in 2 stages.
    1 � Replacement of the central control unit. This will reduce idle rotation of the motors to a minimum.
    2 � Replacement of the drier. This will lower the line pressure by 0.5 bar (3% of total energy).

    The overall energy saving is expected to be around 25%.


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